Isabelle Byrne

The German language has certainly remained an important aspect of my studies over the years and has contributed to my aspiration to become an English Language teacher for foreigners in either Japan or Germany. I would say that my interest in the German language began when I took it as an A-Level at school, after enjoying the fascinating story in the film ‘Goodbye Lenin’, as well as when I began to have contact with my German pen pal in year 12. Doing an A-Level in the language opened my mind up to the beauties of German culture and gave me an enthusiasm to form conversations in a language that was not English! Through my contact with my pen pal, I have enjoyed the opportunities to help her improve her English and offer her guidance on grammar, as well as an exposure to British culture. I found myself engaging more with the language and culture after visiting Berlin, a city full of such fascinating history and people, and this encouraged me to want to live in Germany. I have always wanted to influence people through with any type of teaching style and therefore, I intend to help German people improve their English whilst experiencing the wonders of their language too.

UEA Year 1 student, English Literature