European Political Cinema @ UEA – Tuesday 2nd May at 5pm in ARTS 01.05

Showing Barbara (2012), a drama based on human and political dilemmas by German film-maker Christian Petzold. Everyone is welcome and admission is free. German biscuits will be provided. IMDb rating: 7.7/10


Nina Hoss, plays Barbara, a doctor in the East Germany of 1980. As a punishment for political insubordination and an application to emigrate to the west, she has been removed from a prestigious position in Berlin and banished to a hospital in the provinces, where she is planning her escape with her lover but is continually harassed by Stasi official Schütz. But Barbara appears also to captivate an idealistic and handsome colleague, André (Ronald Zehrfeld). Is he falling in love with her?  Is he another Stasi spy? Or both?