Project idea: Year 9 Students Teaching German at Primary School

A group of 12 students in year 9 were chosen via questionnaires to participate in a project teaching German to children at selected feeder primary schools. The project was designed to encourage take up at GCSE, increase motivation and introduce the children at the primary school to a new language. Along the way the year 9 students benefitted hugely in many other ways such as: developing time management and organisational skills; group work and interpersonal skills; improved confidence; and a tremendous sense of achievement.

The project involved students working in small groups, choosing an appropriate topic to teach the children and then creating suitable resources. During lunchtime and after school sessions, led by MFL teachers, the students developed basic teaching skills and rehearsed and practised their delivery to ensure they felt fully confident.

On the day itself, students spent an intensive hour teaching 6 different groups of year 5 children. We were impressed to see how the students rapidly engaged the year 5 children in every group, bringing even the less confident children into the activities, enabling all to participate.

The children at the feeder primary schools thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and were full of praise for their teachers. The year 9 students were presented with certificates to celebrate their contribution to the teaching of German. A number of the students said that the project had been a highlight of year 9 German.

If you would like to replicate this project at your school and use our ready prepared materials (questionnaires, PowerPoint to launch the project, letters to parents, certificates), please get in touch.

We would like to thank Caroline Grandjean, Farlingaye High School for allowing us to adapt her ideas and materials.

Stefanie Green, Farlingaye High School and Katy Miller, Hadleigh High School