Kamala Hajialibayova

I had a chance to pick a German Beginners module this year and today I'm very happy that I made the decision to start learning German. I had two seminars and one oral session every week, which is amazing in terms of getting used to the new language. The first seminar of the week is usually an introduction to a new topic and the rest of the week is the process of getting used to this topic (learning new words, some grammar rules etc.). Oral sessions were my favourite because they involved different sort of quizzes and games where you have to speak only in German. Our teacher was lovely! Absolutely friendly and supportive. Most of the time she was speaking German so we could get used to the right way of pronouncing words, but of course she would switch to English if there were any questions. The overall atmosphere during our classes was very chilled, which made us feel at ease. No one judged anyone for knowing or not knowing stuff. I have decided to continue studying German and will take a non-credited module for semester 2.

UEA Year 2 student, Accounting and Finance