Congratulations to the winning German team in this year's Norfolk Language Workshop at Wymondham College. Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

The workshop was held on Tuesday 10th July and has become one of the key events in the calendar of language teachers and learners in our region. Students of all key stages from secondary schools across Norfolk took part in this competition, which started with language taster sessions in Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese and Japanese before the whole cohort divided up into language groups to produce a "play in the box" in either French, German or Spanish. The plays were based on a collection of random props that each group was given. The challenge was to bring these alive by working them creatively into a short sketch in the foreign language. This also meant that students from different key stages and different schools would need to work togehter collaboratively, united by a common foreign language. After a generous buffet lunch in the school library, the performances took place in the College chapel in front of all participants of the workshop. All groups have to be commended for their enthusiastic and hugely creative work in the foreign language. Every group manageed to make their audinces laugh out loud and this deserves even more credit if it is done in another language.

UEA Think German would like to thank the MFL staff at Wymondham College for hosting this refreshing event each year. Paritcular thanks go to the organising team lead by German specialist Martina MacMillan. We look forward to the another successful workshop next year.